Your First Line of Defense Against Equipment Fires

Black Diamond Mechanical proudly partners with AFEX fire suppression systems which effectively detect and defend against threats ranging from engine to debris fires to protect your people and investments..

We install, service and recertify fire suppression systems right here on Vancouver Island for all makes and models.

Fire Risks for Forestry Equipment and Beyond

Fire is the number one preventable cause of forestry equipment loss. What might start as a small, onboard fire can rapidly transform into a large blaze capable of consuming an entire piece of equipment – putting operators in danger and costing an organization time, resources, and money.

The main cause of fire on logging equipment? Debris. Over 40% of fires are the result of combustible materials – twigs, leaves, wood chips, sawdust – encountering hot engine or exhaust parts. Additional fire risks for machines like grapple yarders, feller bunchers, and tether machines include high pressure hydraulic fluid, remote production locations, and difficulty cleaning engine compartments.

In addition to the forestry industry, other high-stakes operations, like mining, waste handling, construction, and agriculture, also utilize heavy equipment susceptible to the impacts of fire. These impacts might include operator endangerment; loss of mobile assets and natural resources; and increased insurance costs.

Reliable Fire Suppression Systems for Heavy-Duty Equipment

Fire suppression systems are the only reliable method for extinguishing fires quickly and efficiently on heavy-duty mobile equipment. And AFEX fire suppression systems are purpose-built with the mobile equipment’s harsh operating conditions in mind – long hours, extreme temperatures, and high vibrations, to name a few. 

These safety accessories are comprised of four main components that make them an effective opponent against fire:

  1. Fire-detecting linear wire or spot sensors strategically placed around the machine near high-risk components, like turbochargers, starters, fuel filters, alternators, etc.
  2. A control panel inside the vehicle cab to alert the operator and discharge the onboard fire-fighting agent
  3. Tanks filled with fire-fighting dry chemical and/or liquid agent
  4. A distribution network of tubes, hoses, and nozzles to dispense the agent into the equipment’s protected areas

Vehicle fire suppression systems also come equipped with telematics integration. This integration provides real-time system updates to end users via the same dispatch systems they use to monitor machine hours, downtime, and fuel economy. 

50+ Years’ Experience Supplying Fire Suppression Systems

Black Diamond Mechanical is proud to be a certified distributor of AFEX Fire Suppression Systems, a manufacturer with over 50 years of experience supplying heavy-duty mobile equipment fire suppression systems to a variety of industries. What makes AFEX a premier system supplier?

  • Specialization. All AFEX does is fire suppression for heavy equipment.
  • Experience. With systems installed on all 7 continents, AFEX has the experience to meet the unique fire hazards of a variety of machines.
  • Reliability. AFEX fire suppression systems are FM HDME approved for dependability and utilize high-quality components, like side-cartridge tanks, a stainless-steel distribution network, and hinged nozzle caps.

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Call us to design a fire suppression system for your unique piece of equipment. I.E Grinders, Screeners, Processors, Grapple Yarders and Bunchers.

We install, service and recertify fire suppression systems right here on Vancouver Island for all makes and models.

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