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Industrial Cummins Dealer

About us

Black Diamond Mechanical boasts a skilled team of Red Seal-certified mechanics, each with extensive experience in engine repair, maintenance, and rebuilds across a variety of sectors including marine, generators, power stations, commercial transport, forestry, and construction equipment. Trust in our expertise to deliver reliable solutions tailored to your needs. Discuss with us the lifecycle of components and the reliability of various brands to ensure you’re making an informed decision that maximizes your investment. In today’s complex landscape, trust Black Diamond Mechanical to prioritize your interests. As the Cummins industrial engine dealership for central Vancouver Island, we possess the latest scanning technology and technical data to accurately diagnose and repair all diesel engine makes and models, ensuring your peace of mind.
Komatsu Engine
Komatsu Engine

Rebuild room

Our shop houses a dedicated clean room for engine rebuilds, a testament to our commitment to quality and precision. We understand the importance of a contamination-free environment for engine rebuilds, unlike practices seen in some shops where machining, undercarriage replacement, and even welding occur in the same space. At Black Diamond, each engine is meticulously handled within our rebuild room from start to finish. Our facility includes an automated parts washer, a large solvent tank capable of cleaning any engine block on the island down to 10 microns, and individual workstations each equipped with a crane capable of lifting 4,400 lbs, ensuring efficiency and safety for every project.

Diagnostic tools

The landscape of diagnostic tools for engines has evolved, blending traditional tooling with advanced electronics. Black Diamond Mechanical has invested in leading-edge diagnostic scanning tools essential for accurate communication with your engine’s ECM. Our comprehensive diagnostic capabilities extend to ensuring seamless interaction between your engine ECM and your vehicle’s ECM, crucial for pinpointing and resolving issues ranging from complete engine failures to emission control and fuel injection problems. Rest assured, we are equipped to diagnose and get you back to work with minimal downtime.
Komatsu Engine
Komatsu Engine

Service trucks

Our diverse fleet of service trucks, ranging from a Kenworth T800 tandem to a Dodge 5500, is fully equipped to meet your onsite needs. Each truck is outfitted with the necessary tools to diagnose engine issues on the spot, and if necessary, we can remove an engine onsite, saving you from incurring expensive dry dock fees, particularly for marine applications.